Support for gun control wanes in America

By Henni Espinosa and Raul Legaspi

Oct. 31, 2013

GLENDALE, AZ – Almost a year after a shooter barged into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and killed 20 students and six school staff, support for tighter gun control laws in the country has waned.

In 2012, a Gallup poll shows that 59% of Americans want stricter gun laws.

Now, that figure has dropped to 49%.

The new Gallup poll also shows 37% of Americans want to keep the laws as they are now.

Those who are against banning handgun ownership stayed at 74%, a record-high reached last year.

In Glendale, Arizona, Dr. Fernando de Castro and his wife, Eileen, said being able to keep and carry a gun, is not only their right — it’s their protection.

“We bought the gun, mostly for safety,” Fernando said.

“When we first came to the States, my husband was usually away because of his residency at the hospital. So I was always left at home with my child. He bought us a gun just to make sure I can protect myself and our son when he’s not in the house. He feels more comfortable knowing I know how to use it,” Eileen added.

But while they are pro-gun ownership, the de Castros believe there should be better gun control laws in the country.

They said those suffering from mental illnesses should not be allowed to own a gun. “People that should not have guns should not have guns,” Fernado said, “The problem is, anti-gun people want to take away guns from people that are following the law, that legally own guns.”

As congress continues to debate gun control legislation in the country, Eileen said the government should invest in educating the public about guns.

Eileen concluded, “The priority and focus should be safety. A gun is not supposed to make you feel like you could attack someone. The first rule of gun safety is to back-off safety as much as you can. The last resort is to use it. If anyone want to own a gun, education should be the focus because safety should be the priority.”

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  • JD
    1 November 2013 at 8:30 am - Reply

    One think of having a gun is if you can’t use it to shoot someone, that has done something wrong, your dead, because that person will shoot you, that’s why you better think twice about having a gun ? Having a gun for safety is OK. But if you can’t shoot it, if you have to at a bad person, watch out.