NEW YORK CITY – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is waging war against the National Rifles Association of America — using the biggest spectacle in American sports as his platform.

The 30-second spot for “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” aired in Washington DC during the Superbowl last night — claimed that the NRA once supported background checks for all gun buyers.
The Superbowl ad played a 1999 clip of NRA’s CEO and Executive VP Wayne LaPierre supporting a Universal criminal background check for gun buyers.

La Pierre said, “We think it’s reasonable to provide mandatory instant criminal background checks for every sale at every guns show, no loopholes anywhere for anyone…”
The Superbowl ad which also showed photos of adorable kids ended with a plea saying, “America can do this for us… please!”

Some Filipinos say the ad is effective and agrees with its message.

Fresh Meadows resident Jonnie Cruz said, “ You cannot avoid for people to actually buy guns, yung time natin ngayon, you have to protect yourself, your family and everything, if we really need to buy a gun, then you know that’s OK, at least kung maba-background check sila, at least ma-screen kung sino man yung mga people that are really capable of being responsible enough to actually own a gun.”
The Superbowl ad came just days after LaPierre testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington and reversed its stance saying NRA no longer supports universal background checks for all guns sales.
In an appearance on Fox News Sunday (yesterday), LaPierre said that President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg’s push for universal criminal background check is useless because would-be criminals will ignore background checks…
La Pierre said, “It’s a fraud to call it universal, it’s never going to be universal, the criminals aren’t going to comply with it, they couldn’t care less, you’re not going to get computerized the national mental health record, let’s call it the check on Law Abiding citizens on this country…”

Boy Austero of Jersey City said that the problem with background checks is that it only applies to those who buy guns legally… he says most criminals get guns illegally…

Austero said, “Alam mo naman dito sa America kahit pag may makikita ka diyang naka-istambay pwede kang magtanong kung saan ka bibili ng baril eh, meron kang makukuha eh.”

The group of 850 Mayors – led by Bloomberg is demanding Congress to put forward a plan to end gun violence by requiring criminal background checks for every gun sold in America, ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines and make gun trafficking a federal crime with real penalties for straw purchasers. supporters say they cannot bring back the lives of those who died in Sandy Hook or in other shootings around the country but together, they say they can prevent future tragedies by passing common sense legislations that would take guns away from criminals.

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