Super Tuesday winners Clinton, Trump set sights on general election

WASHINGTON, DC – Two camps on opposite sides of the political fence were celebrating their Super Tuesday triumph.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced their respective supporters in Florida as soon as projections were announced in their favor in several of the dozen Super Tuesday states.

In Palm Beach, Trump rejected claims he is creating a wedge within the Republican Party.

“Hillary cannot make America great,” said Trump. “She was talking about something yesterday, making America whole. No, I don’t want whole, I want great again. I don’t want whole.”

In Miami, Clinton took a swipe against Trump’s slogan “Make America Great” saying the “low rhetoric” from Trump’s camp has divided the country.

“Well I’m just speaking out against bigotry when I hear it from Republican candidates,” said Clinton. “They seem to have forgotten issues and campaigning on insults. I don’t think it’s appropriate in a presidential campaign, and I will speak up about it.”

It is clear both frontrunners are stepping up the offensive with the general elections in view.

Jenny Hona Davis, a paralegal and anti-human trafficking advocate, was just recently naturalized as an American citizen. As a mother of soon-to-be college students, she says her vote in the primaries matters.

“I know it’s a pivotal day and it matters to me and my family’s future,” said Davis.

Young Filipino American voter Alex Valera supports Bernie Sanders and engages other young people to participate.

“He worked for the same thing for minorities since the ‘60s,” said Valera. “Fighting versus segregation. These are things that excites me.”

Immigration lawyer Arnedo Valera thinks Filipinos back home can pick up something from the electoral process in the US.

“The electoral process here in the US is very mature,” said Arnedo Valera. “You vote on issues, not personalities.”

Some analysts say it is still too early for Trump and Clinton to claim they are their party’s presumptive nominees.

For frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Super Tuesday was their chance to cement their position in their respective parties.

For voters, it was their chance to stake their claim on the conduct of the general elections which will determine the future of this nation.

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