Study: If US had Philippines’ drug laws, one person would die every 21 seconds

BOCA RATON, FL — A new study finds out what will happen to the United States if President Duterte’s controversial campaign were to be implemented here. The findings are alarming.

“If America had Filipino drug laws, how many Americans would be killed for getting caught with drugs?” — That is the premise of a study conducted by – a leading US organization where people can learn about options for treating drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions.

“We conducted this study in order to raise awareness about the topic, and to help people understand just how destructive this would be and also to connect Americans to problems outside the country,” said data scientist Logan Freeman.

According to the study, if the US were to escalate its war on drugs to match that of President Rodrigo Duterte’s in the Philippines, one person in the US would be killed every 21 seconds across the nation – based on the FBI data that more than 1.4 million drug arrests were made in the US in 2016.

“Over 1.4 million Americans would be killed a year, execution style, for their addiction to drugs,” said Freeman. “We want to bring attention to the issue, and hope that people would realize that drug addicts need help, and not a firing squad.”

The study focused on five major cities: New York, Seattle, Miami, Boston, and San Francisco; cities with the highest rates of drug-related arrests and allegations.

In NYC alone, there were more than 55,000 drug arrests, including allegations, in 2015.

Freeman says, fear tactics like the capital punishment efforts of the Philippines could result in dead bodies that could fill the seats of the Yankee stadium in one year.

“People struggling with drug use need help not to be put to death, it’s pretty barbaric.”

Freeman says while government officials both in the US and in the Philippines believe that using scare tactics is the best way to deter illicit drug use, the study concludes that fear of punishment doesn’t quite have the positive effect lawmakers are hoping for.

“Basically what they’re doing is pushing people into the shadows, these drug addicts that really need help, are too afraid to reach out, and ask for the help they need,” said Rivera.

Freeman says the US has a 9.4 percent illicit drug use problem, while the Philippines has only 4-7%, according to the Philippine government.

While the US has a larger drug addiction problem, they have yet to see government-mandated executions of drug users, like what is happening in the Philippines today — the US does not execute anyone for drug offenses.

View the study, “If America had Filipino Drug Laws,” on

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