Students present traditional Philippine weaving techniques at Enactus World Cup 2018

by TJ Manotoc

SAN JOSE, CA — Believing in investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all.

That is what Enactus stands for.

The 2018 World Cup was hosted in Silicon Valley. Judges from the world’s best corporations were on hand to witness students from 36 universities do their best to impress them with impactful projects.

The Philippines was represented by students from the Sultan Kudarat State University access campus and they presented their two projects, Tinalac Fabric Production and Eggxotic.

The students found a t’boli tribe community in South Cotabato, where traditional fabric weaving is still alive but needed a boost. After going through the business education, empowerment, and equipping programs from the team, the 15 women beneficiaries boosted their combined income to almost $11,000 in 9 months.

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