Students and teachers fight for cut classes, including Philippine studies, in City College of SF

SAN FRANCISCO — An enlarged pair of scissors with sticky notes of course offerings attached to the sears stands over shredded class catalogues of City College of San Francisco. The piece symbolizes the threat of the reduction of classes as the school finds a way to minimize under-enrolled courses.

CCSF students and faculty gathered at the Chinatown campus to send this message to chancellor Mark Rocha.

“We know the budget is tight at city college and we understand that but what we’re asking the chancellor for is not to cut classes as a first resort. Do not look at our students in the classroom as the place to save money.”

Students here say the loss of classes have affected plans for graduation or transfer to a four-year university.

According to the American Federation of Teachers Union 2121,  several courses with healthy enrollments have been cut from the fall 2019 schedule and many have been replaced with online sections.

The union cites a 50 percent shift of Philippine studies classes now to converted into online courses.

Fil-Am student Winmon Kyi says it is better to have more of these courses be taught in classrooms.

According to Chancellor Rocha, the school is not cutting classes but instead eliminating under-enrolled courses and re-allocating resources to develop new programs and support students in existing programs so that they can graduate and transfer.

During the protest, it was announced that the planned reduction of courses in LGBT studies, Asian-American studies, and disabled students programs and services were all restored.

Protesters will continue to demonstrate until all classes are restored.

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