Struggling small business owners hope for more economic relief

From main streets to Wall Street, thousands of America’s businesses are trying to survive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“As of now, it’s only my cook and one helper, that’s what we’re doing here.”

Whilma Frogoso has had her restaurant in Searcy, Arkansas, since 2009. For now, her business is staying aloat by fulfilling take-out orders — but maybe not for long.

“Now it’s so slow. We’re just waiting for calls.”

Frogoso is hoping she could get a piece of the federal grant for small businesses.

“It’s just that you should have a bank, agent relationship where you can go to a bank and apply for that, and I have not done that before, that’s why I’m looking for a small business or a SBA bank that we have here in town.”

Congressional leaders are hammering out the details on another coronavirus relief bill that is said to pass Senate on Tuesday evening and the House on Thursday.

The $460 billion relief package would include $310 billion for small businesses, $50 billion for economic disaster loans, $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion to expand coronavirus testing.

Accountant Wilmar Suan said he is getting calls every morning from his clients in Michigan worried about their livelihood.

“I got a lot of clients that have been on hold and they cannot go through cause there’s no money. We’re just hoping that Congress can ease, you know, second-round funding.”


They might not have to wait long.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that he will immediately sign this $460 billion relief bill once passed in Congress.

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  • Mario
    22 April 2020 at 1:28 am - Reply

    In just one week the Small Business loan of $350Billion was exhausted, WH TFVirus requested an additional $382B, but Nancy Pelosi went on vacation, not happy TRUMP STIMULUS package was applauded by 30M small business owners. They love the Stimulus loan that this is possible TRUMP voters. Today 4/21/20 TFVirus TRUMP mentions the signing of an EXEC ORDER, a 60 days temporary suspension on IMMIGRATION Rules. He will present tomorrow at the daily Task Force Briefing. Due to COVID-19, there are 22Million unemployed Americans, suspended the entry of immigrants to give chances to US citizens and legal migrants to find a job. This exec order includes, those already here, who are about to get a GREEN CARD and those who were petitioned by parents.