Struggling Fil-Ams on edge as Trump, lawmakers resume stimulus talks

Struggling Americans are on the edge of their seats waiting for President Donald Trump and lawmakers to agree on the next round of stimulus aid amid the pandemic. It doesn’t help, they say, that Trump has flip-flopped on the issue. Lenn Almadin Thornhill tells us more in this report.

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  • mario
    8 October 2020 at 10:44 pm - Reply

    STIMULUS MONEY of $1,200 will win Votes, yesterday, NANCY PELOSI, looking for a political win using your money proposed $2.4 Trillion, but the GOP countered it for $1.6Trillion. Her stimulus, is intended to bail out the badly run Democrat State, to pay for employees’ pension plan. No airline bills, complaints on the TRUMP signature appear on the stimulus check. No schools bill, TRUMP CANCELED N.Pelosi proposal, said let’s do it after the election. On the same day, TRUMP ready for the STANDALONE RELIEF BILL, this includes $1,200 direct payment, $135B PPP for a small business loan, $105B teachers, and children testing kits and equipment to open schools. PPE for Hospitals, $25B for Airline bailout loan, and funding for the Police. NANCY PELOSI is considering invoking the 25th Amendment. Congress to remove Trump due to health reason. They don’t want to negotiate on the ready STANDALONE RELIEF BILL.