Steve Bannon comments on Catholic Church’s support of DACA: “they have an economic interest”

Conservative Catholic Steve Bannon has some choice words when it comes to the church’s stance on the fate of undocumented young people who are part of the DACA program.
In a 60 Minutes interview, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon says that the Catholic Church’s support of DACA is a ploy to maintain church membership.

“They need illegal aliens to fill the churches. It’s obvious on the face of it. They have an economic interest in unlimited immigration,” he said.

Bannon — who identifies as a Catholic — says he respects the church, but
Says its stance on DACA is not doctrine.
He says, “This is about the sovereignty of a nation.”
But in San Jose, California, the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara stands with the church, and will be offering a free clinic this Saturday, September 16 — at Most Holy Trinity Church for workshops in DACA renewals and immigration rights.

“This is the work of the entire community. It’s not limited by one’s religion,” says the church’s pastor, Fr. Jon Pedigo.
Scholarships are being offered to pay for the $495 DACA renewal fee through the county of Santa Clara and the Silicon Valley community foundation.
Catholic Charities cites how California is home to 223,000 Dreamers — 23,000 of whom live in Santa Clara County.

The organization’s Fil-Am program director of immigration legal services Robert Yabes wants eligible DACA recipients to renew prior to the October 5th deadline.

“They have nothing to lose by applying. All they get is a benefit for a two-year work permit, and for two years they can do a lot of things.”
As efforts in Washington DC continue to hammer out a solution for Dreamers by the end of September, DACA advocates here say that people should still contact their congressional representatives to protect the undocumented youth.

“it’s not just the country, not just the dreamers that are at stake but it’s really the integrity of our country that’s at stake so we really need to get full support of congress in both houses to make this happen,” said Fr. Jon Pedigo.
Meanwhile, Bannon hopes the program is abolished quickly because he believes further delay will cause a rift among Republicans heading into next year’s midterm elections.


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