Special Olympics celebrates 50th anniversary with workout feat. Amber Liu

LONG BEACH — One of the world’s longest running humanitarian causes is celebrating half a century in style.

The Special Olympics, which turns 50 this year, brought in some of their athletes, fun-loving Filipinos, elected officials and even an international K-Pop star for a cause.

Special Olympics Southern California teamed up with Axos Bank, to help raise funds. Front and center of this workout was Taiwanese-America K-pop star Amber Liu of the group F(x).

“Its really amazing that us all in the community can come together and just do something for fun and for the Special Olympics 50th anniversary; its a huge number so definitely want to do everything for our community.”

This special project comes as she drops her newest single and Her Gone Rogue tour kicks off in this week with stops in Chicago, Washington, New York, Toronto, Dallas, before wrapping it up in California.

“Its craziness all throughout the rest of the year, and I’m pumped and I can’t wait to see all the fans.”

She’s also an avid Philippine vacationer, even learning to tweet in Tagalog, like this phrase which she saw on a sign.

With a large following in Asia Especially the Philippines, fans have been wondering when she’ll head back.

“I think the Philippines will forever be my vacation country, I’m kidding. The Philippines has always been on my list, we’re trying to figure it out, if anything I’ll just go for a little vacation and do some surprise stuff. My fans should know be my know they know I just pop up in random places, so its kind of cruel of me but I think they have for me doing it to.”

Amber she hopes to be able to go back to the Philippines sometime next year.

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