Spain and Italy find ways to combat COVID-19, while giving aid to those impacted by the crisis

As the world continues to battle the coronavirus, the U.S. remains on top of the list: with over 379,000 cases, according to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center, as of Tuesday.

Spain follows the U.S. with 140,000 cases, and coming in third is Italy, with over 135,000.

China — where the coronavirus outbreak reportedly originated — takes the sixth spot, with over 82,000 cases.

In Spain, the health ministry said that the COVID-19 pandemic is the most severe health emergency in the country in the last 100 years.

Lately, new coronavirus cases fell and officials there are encouraged to focus on finding patients in the early stages of infection.

So far, the Spanish government has spent $915 million to purchase medical supplies.

A Spanish coffin company has been working round the clock and hiring staff to meet unprecedented demand as the national death toll nears 14,000.

In Italy — the government recently approved a new emergency decree that will provide $432 billion of liquidity and bank loans to companies impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

Prime minister Giuseppe Conte pledged another package later this month to help individuals financially hit by the pandemic.

Italy has reported more than 16,000 deaths but some doctors believe that’s an underestimate — pointing out that only people who die in the hospitals make it to the national tally.

Those who passed away at home or in nursing facilities may not have even been tested for coronavirus.

In the United Kingdom, British prime minister Boris Johnson — the first major world leader to fall victim to COVID-19 — continues to fight off the infection in intensive care.

Johnson’s battle with the coronavirus has rocked the government — just as the UK reported over 6,100 deaths.

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