Southern California Trump HQ plans to “Make CA Great Again”

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News


LONG BEACH, CA — For these so-called “Trumpeteers” — supporters of president elect Donald Trump — there are no plans of jumping off the Trump train anytime soon, even in the consistently blue Golden State.

Riding on the President’s “Make America Great Again” battle cry — these supporters are launching “Make California Great Again.”

Led by Filipina Zumba instructor Rachel Gunther, the United Cambodian Community Center, in the Cambodia town district of Long Beach, has lent its space as the official West Coast headquarters for the Donald Trump-Mike Pence presidential campaign since last September.

“It gave Trump supporters a home. It allowed them to come to a place where they felt welcomed and supported,” said Gunther.  “And we were able to mobilize and activate them, and get them calling and get them going to Vegas…”

Gunther says over a million phone calls were made in from this office, and the movement to “make California Republican again” will take place in the same building.

“Our expectations are very, very practical,” Gunther said. “We’re not going to expect to turn the state red in four years, but we’re going to make an impact. We’re going to make a lot of noise and we’re going to get as many people that are hiding…we’re going to get them mobilized and excited again to becoming a Trump supporter, and going for common sense conservative values.”

Through multicultural outreach efforts, these Republicans hope to find new leaders, and groom future officials.

“Run for school boards, water boards, city councils — we have to get in there. We cannot just jump out and think they’ll let us in,” said James Shanbron.

Many Filipino American Republicans in the area plan on being active with this initiative.

“The right side was more common sense to me. They reach to my community, being a Catholic, being pro-life, and wanting religious rights. That’s my first and foremost issue,” said Republican Don de Luna.

California was consistently a red state until 1988. While Trump did win 4 million votes during the election, the state and its 55 electoral votes has been blue.

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  • Mario
    13 January 2017 at 7:42 pm - Reply

    As Obama is going out of the WH, he tried to provoke Russia, by sending 2,500 Tanks Brigade in Poland. Are we going to fire a missile inside Russia, so that Putin will response.? If he will fire back…Bingo… Obama can declare martial law in the US and remain the POTUS forever. Obama and the Democratic Party are still thinking of winning the election. One week before the Trump inauguration is still far, it might not happen.