South of Market neighborhood dedicates park batting cage to Filipino American community advocate

Tim Figueras, a Filipino-American champion of youth sports in San Francisco, was honored over the weekend for his countless years of dedication of encouraging youth to participate in sports, as an alternative to negative influences.

Figueras has a batting cage named after him in the South of Market neighborhood.

Since joining San Francisco’s recreation and parks department in 1980, Figueras has worked hard to encourage youth to participate in sports rather than engage in the negative behavior around them.

Figueras also advocates for funding for more equipment and registration fees for low-income youth.

“The one thing I like telling people, the one good thing is I’m alive and this is being done. So at least I get to enjoy everyone saying stuff.”

A dedication was made possible through a petition from the community, and in December of 2017, the city’s rec and parks commission unanimously voted to name the batting cages after Figueras.

“Tto honor our leaders and our public servants is such an important part in celebrating our community and Tim is part of what we celebrate when we celebrate the South of Market,” said Supervisor Jane Kim.

The batting cages are located in a park named after another kababayan — Victoria Manalo Draves — a two-time U.S. Olympic gold medal diver.

She made history as the first Filipina-American and Asian-American US Olympic gold medalist.

While this is a great honor for Figueras, he hopes others will be appreciated.

“When I come back here in 10 years, knock on wood, there’s going to be all kinds of buildings and parks and things with all their names on it because there’s a lot of people down here that does good work. It’s not just me. Trust me.”

The Figueras’ batting cages are the latest Filipino milestone made within the Filipino cultural district, SOMA Pilipinas.

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