“Sonic The Hedgehog’s” James Marsden on comedy being his great love

Owing to his distinctive leading-man looks, James Marsden is more well-known for his romantic and dramatic roles.

But he shared that comedy is where his heart is.

“It’s exciting for me to jump around. I think that’s one of the fun things you get to do as an actor is to not do one thing. So, I’ve maybe confused a lot of people over the years, like, ‘Oh, what that does he do, but I always go back to comedy as something that I just I see myself. When I watch those films, and like, ‘You are having such a good time,’ and I forget how important it is for the audience to see the actors, you know the players, having a great time and that’s such a big deal.”

“So when a great comedy comes along, or an opportunity to have fun like something like this, I jump at it, you know, and that’s not to discredit like any sort of dramatic work. I love doing that as well, but I won’t feel really satisfied to do just one thing that is my life, like one genre, but if I had to pick it would probably be comedy.”

In “Sonic The Hedgehog”, Marsden plays Tom, a small-town police officer going through changes.

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