Some voters say if Trump doesn’t get removed from office, they will vote to unseat him in November

WASHINGTON DC — President Donald Trump at a White House reception last Friday was still in disbelief over his impeachment and possible removal from office.

But as the impeachment trial officially started at the Senate, residents and tourists across the street from the White House are hoping senators will do the right thing, despite majority leader Mitch McConnell’s admission of being partial and of cooperating closely with the office of the president.

McConnell sent out a resolution establishing the “rules” for Trump’s trial, supposedly similar to the impeachment trial of bill clinton.

But McConnell’s rules will not automatically admit the House record into evidence.

In a 111-page document filed on Monday, Trump urged the Senate to reject the articles of impeachment — saying the allegations that he abused presidential powers and that he obstructed Congress are constitutionally deficient.

The vote of two-thirds of the Senate is needed to convict Trump and remove him from office.

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  • Mario
    22 January 2020 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    It needs 2/3 or 67 SENATE votes to remove a PRESIDENT. The SENATE composed of 100 SENATORS (GOP=53, Democrat=47) seats. The DEMS need additional 20 GOP votes to impeach a President This is a WASTE OF TIME, where are we heading. Impeachment poll rating is not moving, the President gains more on the Impeachment. US Voters are more on the ECONOMY. Last year, the President signed SKorea and Japan trade deal. This year US-CHINA $250B phase 1 signed TRUMP got everything that he asked for and yet he still maintains 25% TARIFF as leverage for Phase 2. USMCA a $1.1Trillion/yrs trade deal signed. Now he is in DAVOS for World economic meeting, already gave his intent on US-EU trade, the US has a DEFICIT of $150B a year. Said, BUSH, and OBAMA failed because the EU never want to talk to them. TRUMP on the offensive warned them will impose a 25% tariff on EU cars and products, until they open the door, to negotiate. Take note the EU has TRADE barrier(WALL), imposed a 20-100% tariff on the US while the US imposed a ZERO tariffs, TRUMP wanted FAIR and reciprocal trade.