Some California Fil-Am elected officials publicly endorse Bernie Sanders for president

DALY CITY, CA — With just a little over a month until the 2020 California Democratic primary — a group of Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters gathered to reach out to potential voters in a plaza in Daly City.

Among them is elected Filipino American officials of Daly City — Vice Mayor Juslyn Manalo and Councilmember Doctor Rod Daus-Magbual.

“I think if we’re looking at the past three years, around what’s happening, and what continues to happen around the issues that we’ve talked about, immigration, and it’s so blatant that we need reform, and someone that is going to stand up for the communities of color and diverse communities,” said Juslyn Manalo.

Councilmember Daus-Magbual said he was inspired to get involved with local politics because of Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.

And as an educator — he believes in the senator’s message of inclusiveness.

“I want to quote Philip Vera Cruz and he said something about if more young people could just get involved in the important issues of social justice, we’ve set a golden foundation for our future. And I think that’s what Senator Sanders did for myself and many young Filipinos, Filipinas, Filipinxs out here in the United States is this idea of let’s get involved.”

With the Bay Area being one of the most expensive areas to live in, San Mateo County supervisor and former mayor of Daly City David Canepa, believes in Sanders’ plan to fix wage inequality.

“We are not just in a homeless crisis in California, we’re in a housing crisis. Where middle-class people: teachers, firefighters, who could historically live here, they can’t. And so what do we become, we become a country of the have’s and the have not’s”.

Meanwhile — Daly City Fil-Am councilmember Ray Buenaventura has publicly endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren for president.

Daly City Mayor Glenn Sylvester and councilmember Pam DiGiovanni have yet to publicly endorse a presidential candidate.

Voting for the California primary has been set for March 3rd, 2020.

According to a recent poll by the Public Policy institute of California — Sanders leads in voter support by 27 percent, followed closely by former vice president Joe Biden at 24 percent and Warren at 23 percent,

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  • Mario
    25 January 2020 at 11:43 pm - Reply

    BERNIE SANDERS leading the Poll, America not ready on SOCIALISM, moderate Democrat will NOT vote they just stay HOME. BIDEN 2nd place, the Dems in the House does not want Biden’s son Hunter to testify in the impeachment, it will damage JOE winning the nomination. The majority of the Senate GOP prefers not to invite Hunter to testify, they want BIDEN to win the nomination. Once Biden wins the nomination, all corruption on Biden Son and the Brother will come out, for an easy victory on Trump. The DNC wants BIDEN to win, and CLINTON will try to HIJACK the DNC to replace BIDEN as the nominee. TULSI GABBART saw the opening, file a DEFAMATION lawsuit against HCLINTON for blaming her as RUSIAN SPY. This will stop HC to hijack DNC but it can be negotiated, she has the LEVERAGE to become the VP for HC or Joe BIDEN.