SoCal church holds earthquake disaster preparedness forum

If a major earthquake hits, a large chunk of California would be in the danger zone in a matter of two minutes.

Engineering manager, Roderick Dela Cruz,  says that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake can swallow up Southern California.

“Imagine the catastrophic event that’s going to happen and the impact on you, your business, your family.”

Dela Cruz, who specializes in assessing risks for Southern California Edison, is making sure his fellow churchgoers at Charisma Life Church in Pomona are well prepared in case the big one hits.

Last month, the strongest earthquake in over 20 years struck in Ridgecrest, California. The 7.1 earthquake could be felt hundreds of miles away, and many more aftershocks have since followed.

“There is a probability that all of this can happen so our goal as a company, as an individual is to be able to communicate this to the public so they’re more prepared.

Dela Cruz said there are some mobile apps that can help assess the potential impact of calamities, based on the neighborhood. The apps can also show where people can get assistance in times of emergency.

He warned residents that earthquakes can trigger other disasters like fires, landslides and tsunamis.

“As homeowners we learned a lot and just the websites that they told us where to go, resources, that was very helpful,” says Elaine Dionson.

The seminar also reminded the congregation to stock up on necessities, and to have them stored in one place, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

“When all of a sudden the fire chief comes and tells you to leave, adrenaline will kick you, will kill you so you have to keep calm even if you have that adrenaline go when you keep your items when you see you know what it is right away,” said Louie Pons.

And as tremors continue rattling the Southland, these Filipino parishioners said that while they’re hoping for the best, they’re also preparing for the worst.

“May you not only protect us from the earthquake but other incidents that might come anytime,” said Pastor Fred Mendoza of Charisma Life Church.

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