Smoke plumes from the west coast wildfires have also reached Vancouver in Canada

Smoke coming from wildfires burning in Washington state, Oregon and California continues to drift into Vancouver in canada. Residents have been urged to observe extra precautionary measures  as air quality in the city worsen

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  • Mario
    16 September 2020 at 6:45 pm - Reply

    You must be wondering why DEMOCRAT controlled States are having a wild fire, said CLIMATE change, and blame TRUMP. But TRUMP delivered Federal FIRE ASSISTANCE to California said it is FORESTRY MANAGEMENT. Even thought the Dems Governor insisted it is Climate Change, TRUMP said next week no more fire, because the weather is getting colder. Washington State, Oregon State, and California all Democrat control State. GOP controlled states like Texas, Florida, and others, follow the Federal guidelines on Forestry management. Bad news is residence are moving out to another State due to high taxes and poor AIR quality.