Smartphone amber alerts: a matter of public safety

By Steve Angeles, ASB-CBN North America Bureau

August 6, 2013

LOS ANGELES – California residents were surprised on Monday night when they were alerted to a child abduction in San Diego for the first time on their smart phones.

It’s part of a second generation Amber alert program that aims to keep children safe from kidnapping.

Describing the possible getaway car as a blue Nissan Versa, the California Highway Patrol tweeted that though they understand that
people may have gotten scared by the alert, tracking down the dangerous suspect and rescuing the two children were of utmost importance.

The amber alert put twitterverse in a frenzie with many including celebrities tweeting their suprise and concern for their kids.

Another amber alert for the same case was also issued this morning. Despite the amber alerts gaining much attention, many filipinos admit they did not receive the alert.

Smartphone users can opt out of receiving the amber alert in their settings.

Whether annoying, shocking or a cause of concern, the sigalerts system has let everyone know that no matter who they are they can play a role in public safety.

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