Skydiving crash in Oahu kills 11, including 23-year-old Filipino

HONOLULU, HI — A recent skydiving plane crash in Oahu killed eleven people, becoming the most deadly civil aviation accident since the Reno Air Show wreck in 2011.

Among the 11 people who perished was 23-year old Jordan Tehero, a local man from Kauai.

The Beechcraft twin-engine airplane from the Oahu Parachute Co., a North Shore business, took off from the runway at Dillingham Airfield, and crashed shortly after takeoff just inside the perimeter fence near the airport.

There were no survivors.

“I get a phone call, devastating news from his instructor and he asked me this question. When was the last time I spoke to Jordan? I said earlier in the day and as soon as I said that, he said these words that ripped me apart. He said, I’m sorry to tell you that Jordan was on that plane,” said Jordan’s parents, Garrett and Colleen.

The same plane has history of another crash in 2016 where its tail section was damaged while carrying skydivers over northern California.

Repairs were made to get the plane back into service. Those records, as well as inspection reports on the plane, are part of the national transportation safety board’s investigation.

The NTSB preliminary report was released this week and stated that no cause for the crash was given. However, it did share that two solo jumpers decided to join the accident flight last minute when the plane was already on the taxiway. Their identities are unknown.”

“So I’m really stuck for words because, you know, all 11 people that was on there, you know, you start questioning whether the last minute entry of the 2 passengers was the reason, was it the pilot not knowing what to do when problems occurred and just during the flight. You know, there’s just so many things to think about.”

The medical examiner has completed all 11 autopsies, listing the cause of death as multiple blunt-force injuries from the crash.

Out of all the victims, Tehero is the only one recognizable as he was the only passenger wearing a helmet on the plane.

“It’s what we call a miracle you know. To hear these words, i never forget the examiner’s words was your son was fully intact. So I’m thinking, hey he didn’t even lose a finger or a toe. How is that possible? And so we can only say, thank you Lord, you know.”

The Tehero family did not make any comments when asked if they plan to take legal action as they would like to focus on putting their son to rest.

They have set up a GoFundMe account to help with expenses for Jordan’s funeral, which will take place this Friday on Kauai.

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