The Olympic Journey of Michael Martinez

2013 was a dark period for the Philippines. The country was plagued with government corruption with the pork barrel scandal and the Zamboanga crisis; followed by a series of natural disasters headlined by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and the Bohol Quake.

As the country tried to rebuild itself with the tenacity and resilience of its people, an unusual light shone brightly — giving the Filipino people a cheerful glimmer of hope in a most unexpected place — on the ice.

SKATING ON THIN ICE is a Balitang America Special Report that allows us to take a look at the life of Michael Christian Martinez, an asthmatic young boy who never had the chance to play sports in his young life. Until figure skating at the shopping mall’s rink caught his eye when he was 9 years old. Ice skating brough a breath of fresh air to the young Martinez, he was so happy to have found a sport where he was good at… where he excelled.

Watch this Balitang America Special Report that allows a look into the extraordinary story of an exceptional teenager. See how The Ice Prince… The Golden Boy… The Matrix… unlocks each obstacle he comes face to face with, one by one, leaping and aiming even higher.
This is his journey.

Watch it this Sunday, June 29 at 7:45 PM Pacific.

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