Sizzling fried balut featured on Washington Post

GAITHERSBURG, MD — Proudly framed at the doorstep of this new Filipino restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland is a Washington Post food review of Matthew’s Grill.

Named after the owner’s son, Matthew – this Filipino restaurant serves a buffet of Pinoy favorites, from garlic shrimp, lumpia, to lengua and kare kare.

Co-owners Raymond Domingo and cousin CJ de Ausen say their goal is to introduce traditional home-cooked Filipino meals in Maryland.

“There’s a good trend that’s going the last couple years, with Filipino food in general, and that’s kind of why we thought it was a good time to do it, especially in DC,” said De Ausen.

Matthew’s Grill sizzling fried balut made a big debut on the Washington Post review.
Tired of seeing balut used as gastronomic dares in Fear Factor and other reality TV shows – co-owner Domingo says he created a sizzling balut plate to elevate this Pinoy favorite’s status.

“What makes us different is the kind of food we serve is a lot better in terms of freshness, we don’t sacrifice the quality, everything is made from scratch — it’s cooked with love,” said co-owner Marlon.

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