Six states cast their ballots for Super Tuesday 2, with 352 delegates up for grabs

A big decision day for Democrats on Tuesday.

Primary election results from six states could determine if Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would still have a chance to be the party’s presidential nominee.

“And I understand that Joe Biden has the support of the entire political establishment. I got that. But we have the support of some of the strongest grassroots movements in this country.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been stacking big support, including endorsements from former presidential candidates since his big win on March 3rd, Super Tuesday, winning 10 of the 14 states.

At stake from this March 10th contest is 352 delegates. Before the votes get counted on Tuesday night, Biden is on the lead with 670, Sanders with 574. Hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard with 2 delegates is still in the race.

Republicans meanwhile already made their choice. Voter turnout topped democrats in many Super Tuesday states, including in Texas, where President Donald Trump got more votes than all of the Democratic candidates combined.

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