Six members of Napoles clan indicted by DOJ for money laundering conspiracy

The US Justice Department has announced that it has filed an indictment against six members of the Napoles clan.

Those charged include alleged pork barrel mastermind Janet Lim Napoles, her daughter Jeanne and family members Jo, James.

Her brother Reynaldo Luy Lim, and wife Ana Marie Lim were also part of the indictment.

The indictment claims that defendants used an intricate scheme to funnel public funds to overseas bank accounts and properties in the US. They allege that the Napoles diverted about 20 million dollars in funds to purchase US real estate, shares in two businesses, two Porsche’s and to finance the living expenses of Jean Napoles, and Reynaldo and Ana Marie Lim.

Napoles lived in an upscale downtown condominium, while the Lims own a home in a gated community in the wealthy Orange County suburb of Irvine.

US officials filed a civil forfeiture complaint in 2015 which has since frozen the Napoles’ US assets — some of which were being sold, including Jeanne’s downtown Los Angeles luxury condo, while their Anaheim hotel had been turned over to a management firm.

The properties are still going through the legal process, and if they are deemed forfeited, approximately 12 and a half million dollars could be returned to the Philippine government.

The Justice Department will now work for the extradition of the defendants.

The Philippine consulate in Los Angeles explained to ABS-CBN that an extradition process which will be done between the US and Philippine justice departments may take some time depending on court filings and if defendants attempt to fight the extradition.”

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