Singers all over the world come together to ‘Give a Little Love’ amid pandemic

SEATTLE, WA — A simple, creative family project has turned into a global musical initiative to help raise funds and support for those greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Grammy-winning producer Gen Rubin and his wife, Cheryl, wanted to write a song of hope for their daughters to perform in light of what’s been happening in the world.

Eventually, it grew to include over eighty singers from all over the place — such as New York, Chicago, Germany and Japan, and it includes some Filipino talents.

“Originally we sat down to write a song for, for our kids to sing and we wanted it to be something hopeful. And anytime I write a song or we write a song for our kids, it always ends up being a really personal message, you know, how we want them to have a better world out there, a kinder world — and sort of this is the song that’s spilled out.”

“It’s what the world needs right now and to um, you know, to be surrounded by, I mean, surrounded as in virtually surrounded by such a fun, loving and positive group of people. It just goes to show that we don’t have to lose hope just yet, or ever, just because there are people out there who want to do good, who have such amazing hearts and who want to do good work,” said singer and nurse April Villanueva Santo Domingo.

“And the fact that he was able to get it, so that there’s people all around the world who were able to contribute to this. It just goes to show that there’s so many great people out there still.”

After the release of their first video, the Rubin family received a lot of positive feedback. So they decided to partner up with the Seattle Foundation.

“If it’s helping so many people that feel so nice to be able to do that and be able to do it with our parents and our family and they write like, these amazing songs that we’re like, able to sing,” said Kaia And Makena Rubin, daughters of Gen and Cheryl Rubin.

“It was also so great because we had like grown up like listening to songs that they wrote and we always thought they were so good and we love the songs, and now it’s like we could actually sing it and then we could also like, help make a difference with it too, which was just really great.”

The Seattle Foundation’s COVID-19 response fund helps low-income residents and workers, those without access to health insurance, communities of color including undocumented immigrants, people with disabilities, as well as the homeless population.

The Rubin family hopes to continue writing more songs to help raise awareness and support for other charitable projects.

To get updates on their musical journey, follow their Facebook group. To help with the COVID-19 relief fund, donate to the Seattle Foundation’s COVID-19 response fund, comment ‘Lovelovelove’ on your donation, and receive a free download of the song.

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