Singer Joy Villa accuses Trump’s former campaign manager of sexual assault

She was a relatively unknown singer, who became famous for wearing a Filipino American-designed “Make America Great Again” dress at the Grammy’s.

Now, Joy Villa has made headlines again — this time for accusing President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of sexual assault.

Villa claimed Lewandowski slapped her bottom twice while posing for a picture at a party at the Trump International Hotel in Washington on November 28.

In this Twitter post, Villa said this picture was taken seconds before he slapped her bottom. She said he told him to stop and that she could report him for sexual harassment.

But he reportedly said “I work in the private sector” and slapped her again.

She said all she wants from Lewandowski is an apology. He has yet to comment on her claims.

Villa, who wore that headline-grabbing gown by Fil-Am designer Andre Soriano, is currently exploring a potential congressional run in Florida.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    28 December 2017 at 10:45 pm - Reply

    Whatever happened between Joy Villa and Corey Lewandowski is their problem. But if Villa wants to file for a strange sexual harassment, then file at her discretion. What is IRRELEVANT here is that whoever wrote this article has purposely engineered it to rub against the President’s name. The other problem to this is fact Fil-Am designer Andre Soriano’s name is being dragged-in into this controversy, unless he enjoys the experience.

    It is almost like the case of Jones VS. Moore, where the media facilitated all sorts of controversial claims of sexual harassment that happened decades ago but were never adjudicated in any court or even filed? If Villa is REAL with her claim, then she should file for it so the public will find the TRUTH into it, not some cheap opinion out there…