Sin City ready for rumble at final presidential showdown

The third and final US presidential debate will take place Wednesday night in Las Vegas, and the entertainment capital of the world is gearing up to cash in. Bev Llorente tells us more.

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  • Mario
    19 October 2016 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    ACTUARIAL REVIEW analysis, shows Trump win possible landslide. 2008-there are 37M Dems registered voters, today-30M Dems reg voters, 7M short.Reason let face it nobody like Hillary, nobody trust crooked Hillary even before the Wikileaks corruption scandal.During the primary,Sanders nearly beat Hillary,and Sanders voters will likely vote for Trump because Trump is an outsider like Sanders.4M new GOP voters voted for Trump during the primary, most likely will vote for Trump on the general election. ANALYSIS: There are more Democrat voters,who will vote for Trump,,,,compared to GOP voters will vote for Hillary. More independent will vote for Trump than Hillary, both scenario which is highly likely, then the result will likely a LANDSLIDE for TRUMP..Trump filling arenas around the country, Hillary can barely fill a High School gym. Facebook said 90% “likes” about Trump and only 10% likes on Hillary.The same with Likened, Twitter and other social media are all talking about Trump.