Shooting in Toronto residential area kills 3, including gunman

TORONTO, CANADA — Gunshots rang out Sunday evening at a popular, busy residential area in Toronto known for its restaurants and cafes.

Police say a gunman fired at people along Danforth Avenue, hitting fifteen people.

A video posted on Instagram caught the moment the gunman, wearing a black hat, fired at a restaurant.

“Shortly after 10 pm what happened was that police responded to a 911 call for sounds of gunshots upon police arrival,” said Chief Mark Saunders. “There was a suspect who police said identified the suspect at that particular point in time.”

Toronto police chief Mark Saunders said that there was a shootout with police, and that the 29-year-old shooter is dead.

Police has not confirmed how he died. Chief Saunders during a press briefing this morning did say that the gunman had a gunshot wound when he was found dead near the shooting scene.

Saunders also confirmed that two victims have died, an 18-year-old woman from Toronto and a 10-year-old girl from the Canada area.

Thirteen other victims, ranging from 10 to 59 years old, are being treated at a hospital. The injures range from minor to serious in nature.

The incident happened in a neighborhood known as Greektown.

“We didn’t know what it was. We saw people starting to run in our direction, and I still didn’t know what it was. And then more people were running, and so we started running and we ran down a side street,” said John Tulloch.

On Sunday night, Danforth Avenue was busy with restaurant patrons.

One of the restaurants along the avenue is a Filipino restaurant, Boodle Fight, located about four blocks from where the area where shooting happened.

“I personally thought it was a terrorist attack like what was happening so we went out and checked it out but we can’t really see it,” says Sarah Baccay.

Baccay tells BA they knew something bad had happened, after seeing at least 20 police cars rushed past her restaurant.

Police are asking anyone who might have any videos or photos around the time and area of the shooting to contact homicide investigators.

“I’m making an appeal. We’re looking for anyone who saw anything,” said Chief Saunders. And this is critical because what happens is a lot of times is people vets out information when in fact it could be extremely important to our investigation.”

Police say special investigations units are leading the investigation, and they are still working on establishing the shooter’s motive.

Names of the victims and the shooter have not been released.

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    25 July 2018 at 10:09 pm - Reply

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