Sharing Filipino cuisine with children

In Vancouver, a Filipino Canadian chef makes use of his passion to share Filipino cuisine in the classroom.

This is not your ordinary children’s camp.

For $600 dollars a week, these kids ages 7-11 are introduced to different types of cuisine…In a culinary course offered at “Dirty Kitchen” in Vancouver.

Filipino chef Rafael Racela is their teacher. He made sure Pinoy favorites chicken adobo, chop suey and leche flan made it to the menu.

“I took a step back and really thought about all the things I’ve learned when I was young..Obviously watching my grandma and grandpa cooking Sunday dinners,” said Racela. “It’s also kind of to expose the western culture about Filipino food. I know there’s a lot of restaurants out there that focus on Chinese, Vietnamese cooking. Just really wanted to focus on exposing people to fil food on how great it is and how diverse it can get.”

From food prep, cooking and plating, kids get hands-on experience in preparing the meal.

Racela says most of it reminds him of family gatherings, where lots of food is always on the table.

“It’s the passion that we have as Filipinos for food. How well we enjoy a well sit down meal with the rest of the family and really just the love for food, the simple love that it takes to create the dishes that we have in the Philippines plays a big part on what it takes to be a successful chef.”

The kids proudly showed off their finished products.

They say learning about Filipino food meant lots of flavor.

And if their appetites are any indication, it’s food that they approve.

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