Shake-up in Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign

Bernie Sanders is parting ways with 3 of his top strategists.

Amidst the fact that Sanders just recently announced his presidential bid, Tad Devine, Mark Longabaugh and Julian Mulvey surprisingly have decided that their time in the team has ended — due to creative differences.

Longabaugh aided in designing the campaign’s roadmap.

Mulvey worked on the creation of Sanders’ advertisements. Devine helped direct the campaign as sanders’ chief strategist back in 2016.

As a collective, all three stated that they believe Sanders “deserves to have media consultants who share his creative vision for the campaign.”

Moving forward, Sanders is looking to increase the diversity in his team, but has not yet revealed who will be replacing all three strategists.

In the Republican party, chairwoman Ronna McDaniel made great claims on Thursday at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference — which is an annual convention that brings together Republicans from across the nation.

Mcdaniel stated this as a response to any Republican who may decide to run for presidency against Trump.

Even in the primary elections, McDaniel claims that no one stands a chance at defeating Trump. She listed Trump’s current achievements and why it makes him the front runner in representing the Republican Party.

She concluded her statement with a call-out to those who may want to run their campaign.

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