SF’s Asian Art Museum celebrates Filipino culture

SAN FRANCISCO — Filipino American children dress in colorful costumes performed Filipino folk dances for a packed crowd, inside the San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum.

This was part of museum’s annual celebration of Filipino American History Month.

The majority of these performers were born and raised in the US – and through performing arts groups like Parangal and the American Center for Performing Arts — they spend their free time learning the dances of traditional Filipino folk art.

“We’re representing people from the Philippines, and they go ignored and knowing that we’re representing them, we’re preserving that culture again,” said Jannah San Felipe, Parangal dance company.

“In school they don’t teach you the Filipinos did this or that, so it’s good to inform people of our culture and it’s fun,” said Joshua Corsilles Ambrosio, America center for Philippine Arts.

The Filipino folk dances represented the various religious and colonial influences of the Philippines throughout history.

“I feel really proud showing other people our dances and to show them that it’s not just tinikling,” said Ophelia Araceli Maristela Rebanal, American center for Philippine arts. “There’s all different kinds of dances from different places.”

Also, the museum was proud to showcase their new Philippine art exhibit entitled Philippine Art: collecting art, collecting memories.

After years of criticism from the San Francisco Filipino community — a collaboration from the community and the museum produced this exhibit that features 25 works from indigenous carving, Spanish colonial wear, to contemporary art.

“To conserve them for future generations they have to go dark storage to rest in between rotations. So all of those textiles you see there should technically rest or go to sleep for five years, so when they come back out they will last 100 years,” said Deborah Clearwaters, Asian Art museum.

The Filipino art exhibit opened this past July, and will run until March 2018.


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