SF workshop addresses trauma, healing, and creating a safe space

SAN FRANCISCO — A new unique workshop is now available for those to heal after experiencing various forms of trauma.

“Redefined: A Day of Healing” was the title of the first-ever workshop held in Oakland, organized by Survivor Alliance.

Co-founders Asehli Howe and Drusilla Cowan — who are both victims of sexual assault — felt they had to create a space of healing for other victims, including those from vulnerable populations like the homeless, the elderly, and the LGBTQ community.

“They have all these other levels of oppression. That’s why we’re trying to bring the intersections and acknowledge at this point if you survived any kind of trauma realistically we want to work with you.”

These ladies say that while the activities offered at this workshop may challenge the norm of conventional healing — they still aim to provide positive results.

“It really helps to hear from others with the way they healed and the way they’ve worked through it because we don’t have all the answers but we find them in other people, not necessarily experts but our peers,” says Drusilla Cowan.

“If you’re a movement based person and sitting in a chair and talking for an hour has never been good for you then why would it been good for you in this traumatic situation?” said Drusilla. “And so I think there is a plethora of ways to heal from trauma and to go through this but maybe we’re not aware of it.”

Survivor Alliance hopes to have this workshop once every quarter, to not only provide a safe space for the community but to also highlight more non-profits and resources that are dedicated to helping victims of trauma.

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