SF Supervisor Matt Haney checks in on activist Brandon Lee following attack in the Philippines

SAN FRANCISCO — These are the pictures from San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney’s recent trip to the Philippines — where he met with human rights activist and San Francisco native Brandon Lee.

Despite being shot four times and surviving eight cardiac arrests during surgery, Haney reports that Lee is able to breathe on his own and is conscious and responsive.

Upon returning, Haney is calling on more support from the U.S. government and federal representatives to ensure Lee’s safety.

“He shares a room with five other people. There have been unknown individuals who have tried to gain access to his room. There are police and military who come around on a regular basis in a way that is concerning and threatening to Brandon and his family. And he is not being protected, currently. It is shameful that a U.S. citizen is out there in this situation, currently, under threat and not being fully protected by the Philippines government or let alone adequately by the American government.”

In 2015, Lee spoke to ABS-CBN saying that he was accused by the Philippine government of being part of a rebel group. He also spoke about receiving death threats for his work with indigenous groups.

“There’s a pattern of targeted assassinations from the Philippine government and tens of thousands of Philippine residents have been killed. And now we have an American citizen who has been a victim. And that should lead to immediate and urgent action to protect him and to demand an investigation.”

Haney, along with family members and supporters of Lee, would like to see him moved to a better hospital in Manila and ultimately transported back to the U.S. for more treatment.

And Haney hopes that when the time comes, the U.S. government will be able to help the Lee family.

“Currently, when they asked how to transport him to another hospital, they were referred to a website. And that is completely unacceptable.”

According to a representative from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, her team has been in communication with Lee’s family while also in contact with the U.S. embassy and the state department in regards to Lee’s case.

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  • Mario
    7 September 2019 at 5:51 am - Reply

    It is all BS, SF supervisor, MATT HANEY, travelled to PH to see the condition of BRANDON LEE, REP JUDY CHU calls for protection of gunned down US activist. NANCY PELOSI has been in communication with US Embassy and State Department…NOTHING HAPPENNED, it all “PALABAS” only to show concern that they need Filipino votes…If they really want to help they can do it. A soldiers, Filipino civilian gunned downed by terrorist in Southern PH were transported to US TRIPLER military Hospital in Hawaii.This Hospital specialized on Gun shot wound Trauma Center.Asian civilian from Thailand, Indonesia, and Ph had been treated at the US hospital. BRANDON LEE is a US citizen, US Citizen ? if they really want to help they can do it. They know Pinoy are STUPID voters, they will vote for Democrat anyway, they just used the Pinoy media for political concern, but not really want to help.