SF Presidio picnics showcase diverse Filipino food scene


by Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN News


SAN FRANCISCO — Families, couples, groups of friends, even pets were among the hundreds in attendance at the official kickoff of the fifth season of the Presidio Picnic.

Located on the main parade ground of The Presidio — San Francisco’s national park — people were invited to an afternoon full of a variety, with the best of the international food scene, thanks to the picnic’s partnership with Off-the-Grid markets.

“We here at Presidio Picnics, want to welcome a broad diversity of people in San Francisco,” said Kathryn Inglin, from the Presidio Trust. “We have food trucks with people from the Philippines, from China, from Mexico… and really what we’re looking to create is one of the most interesting food picnics you can find.”

Filipino food has been gaining a lot of popularity through the years in the Bay Area, thanks to the creative spin by Fil-Am chefs and entrepreneurs.

Arguably one of the most popular food trucks of San Francisco –Señor Sisig made its debut at the Presidio Picnics.

Taken from co-founder Chef Gil Payumo’s father’s family recipe in Pampanga — Señor Sisig offers a variety of Filipino-Mexican fusion dishes.

“We started six years ago, so to see the response from people when we started was really amazing,” said Evan Kidera, founder ofSeñor Sisig. “Just to be able to grow and touch so many people, and to get Filipino food in so many different hands and to get them excited about it, was really the goal.”

On the sweet side, Hookt Mini Doughnuts puts some Filipino flavor into a classic desert, with their ube donut topped with roasted coconut flakes.

“We just really love the doughnuts, and we really wanted to have our Filipino background incorporated in it,” said Judy Sison, events director. “And it’s just a little different than your traditional chocolate or caramel.”


“The whole ube doughnut concept was to show that one, we do doughnuts that are not your average… and two; what better way than with ube, which is a staple of Filipino ingredients for desserts specifically,” said founder Jason Angeles.

The wide variety of food is not the only thing that people can enjoy during their time at the Presidio.

“We have a DJ here that’s playing great music all day long — but we also have free yoga that happens in the morning,” said Off-the-Grid founder Matt Cohen.

“We have free bike valet, so we encourage people to ride their bikes down rather than drive. We have games people can rent at our info booth, and really the Presidio itself has tons of things to explore.”

The Presidio Picnic will be held every Sunday for all visitors from now through October 17th.



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