SF Pinoys say martial law is already in effect under Duterte

DALY CITY, Calif. – On the 44th anniversary of the declaration of martial law in the Philippines, kababayans gathered at the United Methodist Church in Daly City to remember the victims during that dark time in Philippine history.

They also pray for the current victims of extra judicial killings under the Duterte administration, which they say, is becoming more familiar of the crimes that occurred during martial law.

“It is happening right now,” said Ago Pedalizo of the Kontra Libing Coalition. “All the manifestations, all the tortures and extra judicial killings, the killings that comes in tandem – it’s happening right now and this is all reminiscent of martial law.”

United Methodist Church Pastor Benoni Silva-Netto added, “You don’t lessen crime but committing another crime. We are country of laws and we should respect the law of the land.”

Fil-Ams in attendance also spoke out against the planned hero’s burial for former President Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Amid calls for national reconciliation, Pedalizo says in order for the country to truly heal there has to be recognition of what he calls a “sanitation” of the history of martial law.

“Moving on has three components,” said Pedalizo. “First, there must a recognition that martial law has happened. There must be a remorse that it did happened and they have to apologize. Number two: there should be reparations for those who were victimized. Number three: there’s going to be a firm commitment on the government that they don’t want to commit the same crime again. And all those three indications are non-existent in the current government so there’s no point in moving on.”

This vigil and discussion are just the first of many ways of how this group plan to hold the Philippine government responsible for human rights and proper justice.

“We’re starting a storm of people who are willing to stand and willing to make a clear message to the Filipinos and President Duterte that we are not sleeping that we are here to make sure human rights are respected and that we abide by the general principal of civility, rule of law, and humanity,” said Pedalizo. “And we will stick with that with the last drop of our blood.”

A plan to pursue a United Nations special rapporteur to conduct a full investigation on human rights in the Philippines was decided upon.

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  • Max
    23 September 2016 at 10:15 pm - Reply

    Marcos Era, executed ONE drug lord LIM SENG via firing squad, PH became drug free for the first time and lasted for so many years.Cory Aquino took over,drug lord came back,drug business flourished.Ramos,Estrada, Arroyo drug business as usual.Aquino regime,drug business were digitalized, computerized,from Top to Barangay level, 5 Generals, DOJ Secretary,close aide of the President were involved. Duterte, dreamnt of duplicating Marcos record on drugs, but 3,000 were already killed by the Police.In my opinion, this Senate investigation on Drugs will end up to the former President as the Drug Godfather.

  • Probinsiyano
    24 September 2016 at 11:48 pm - Reply

    I do not know if Tito Ago Pedalizo hear himself talking…that there must be a recognition that martial law has happened? Are you one of those guys who was scolded by his Tatay, Nanay, Lolo, Lola, Tita, etc. to lead the anti-Marcos rally but does not really know you’re talking about? Or are you a product of the wanna be U.P. or Ateneo de Manila smartass who wants to talk loud but does not really know what he’s talking about? Let me help you Tito Ago, President Marcos declared Martial Law (Presisential decree 1081)… It was because the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and the Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) have declared war against the Philippine government. According to Tiglao (2016), the majority of Filipinos who were arrested or detained during martial law belonged to either MNLF or CPP-NPA. Many young Filipinos from various educational institutions were vulnerable to brainwashing by then Jose Maria Sison, the founder of the CPP-NPA. He told many young Filipinos that masses we’re excited in revolting against the Philippine government. Under Sison’s leadership, China attempted to ship 10,000 M-14 rifles to the CPP-NPA enclave in Isabela but failed. The second shipment failed also, hence MV Karagatan…Tito Ago, are you tracking or are you mature enough to know this..? Tito Ago, if you have to blame Marcos solely, you are as ignorant as the rest of the anti-Marcos does. Tiglon added, Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos issued the majority of orders during Martial law. Who arrested Jose Maria Sison and Ninoy Aquino, it was Tito Fidel Ramos? The military is no excemp under the direction of Juan Ponce Enrile? Knowing that these two men (Ramos and Enrile) were both mechanics of the so-called martial law, how and why did Filipinos continue voting for them. How and why did Cory Aquino accepted this two men in her cabinet, if martial law was really horrific? These facts are indisputable ….

  • Probinsiyano
    25 September 2016 at 12:26 am - Reply

    According to Tiglao (2016), a student activist (human rights violation poster boy and a writer in the student newspaper) was arrested and interrogated during martial law. It turned out that this student was a top CPP-NPA cadre in charged of the ” EXPLOSIVES” movement directly working the CPP-NPA “POLITBURO”…Another student activist at the Ateneo de Manila (also a labor organizer in Marikina) was arrested during martial law and was in prison for two years. But the truth later comes out that this student is a firebrand Communist…Filipinos and FilAms alike, this the predecessor of the Alex Boncayao brigade, evolved in the 80’s as assassination squad. During martial law, top level CPP-NPA leadership were captured and imprisoned. During Cory Aquino’s era, all these prisoners were
    realeased. The Aquino’s have been protecting the CPP-NPA through Hacienda Luisita as refuge (Claudio, 2012).

  • Amboy
    25 September 2016 at 8:01 pm - Reply

    Duterte cursed Obama, the Pope, Banki Moon, UN, EU and Australia. He freed Communist leaders in jail and promised to give lots and appoint vommunist leaders in his cabinet. He also made a peace deal eith communist leader and also send his health secretary to Cuba to study their health program. Now he send his police chief to Colombia to study their war on drugs. He just said that he is willing for bilateral talks with China and would like to buy arms from Russia. its obvious that the president is leaning towards China and Russia. ..

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    2 October 2016 at 7:36 am - Reply

    According to Pastor Netto, respect the law of the land…I like that rhetoric and would also like to engrave that in marble finish…so when our PNP police officers are out and about doing their job (e.g. serving warrant of arrest and or search warrant), these suspected drug dealers, pushers, distributors, consumers, etc., has/have the propensity to shoot our police officers. FilAms or Filipinos, that part “shoot our police officers” barely gets mentioned , if it is or was, the media just mumble it to get by…Do not ever forget that these police officers are also Filipinos whom the community entrusted to uphold the law and protect citizens. Every police department governs its officers by Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). In that SOP, police officers have the right to “Self Defense” should he or she come under fire (some shooting) as evident in any ABS-CBN TV Patrol news coverage. During investigations, firearms (mostly unregistered), drugs and paraphernalia were recovered as evidence at the scene.

    When PNP and HPG Officers Dela Riarte, Angeles and Toreres were shot and killed, Pastor Netto is or was not out there talking about the rule of law? I’d bet neither Netto or Pedalizo would be willing to let go of their bowl and explain to the victims families that their deaths are not reminiscent of the dark times of martial…

    Is it logical (Bambam Aquino, 2016), before they start shooting at police officers, to shout out loud to drug addicts to respect the rule of law and that this could be reminiscent of the dark times of Philippines history? Hey, stop shooting at us because this may confuse the world that martial law is here again!