SF Pinoys celebrate Super Bowl at historic Filipino-owned sports bar

BRISBANE, Calif. – With eyes glued to the screen and tables full of food, this is what you can find at the typical Super Bowl party across the United States.

But here at the 7 Mile House Sports Bar and Grill, patrons were enjoying the big game – the Pinoy way.

Some even were brave enough to try balut for the first time.

“It was good,” said Luke Goessman. “It’s like a boiled egg. You can’t set your expectations. You just gotta go with it.”

Vanessa Garcia, Filipino American owner of 7 Mile House, says that she is fortunate to include Filipino food on her menu as the restaurant celebrates its 163rd anniversary of operating in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Adobo bowls and sisig are just some of the Filipino items on her menu that are a big hit for customers.

“People want to try it,” said Garcia. “Especially when I see that they’re not Filipino, I get really excited and they come in here and say we heard about it or they come back and they want it again so it’s a big compliment that they want to come back and have it again or trust our cooking to be able to give them a really good experience.”

While basketball is a Pinoy-favorite, Fil-Ams dining at 7 Mile House say they look forward to every game day during the NFL season.

“It’s just another excuse to have good food and get along with friends and family,” said Carina Villacarlos. “It’s really a great tradition.”

Many of them learned today that wide receiver and now Super Bowl champion Jordan Norwood of the Denver Broncos is a Fil-Am.

They say it gives them more of a reason to enjoy football.

Garcia says, “I wish there was more Filipino representation in the NFL or any other sport because I’ve always believed Pacquiao always put us in the limelight in sports in this decade and he’s going to continue to do that and I hope that inspires a lot more Filipinos to go professional so we can see them on TV too.”

“The Filipino culture and the Filipino gene is taking over,” said Gia Chua. “Sorry, not sorry. We’re taking over! Join the bandwagon!”

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    11 February 2016 at 8:17 pm - Reply

    In New York, the Filipino food is begin to come out, and the whites begin to enjoy the Filipino food. It’s something new on the streets, yes Filipino food. Only one thing about Filipino food, to much Pig meat and oily the food. The Blood Pork is good with the whites if you don’t tell them it’s Pig Blood mix with Pork. Yes the Filipinos use a lot of pork and Patis. The Filipino food can cause High Blood Pressure, Heart attack to much Pork and Oily. But the Filipino food taste good, if you know how to cook it?