SF Pinoys board “HillaryBus” in support of Clinton

DALY CITY, Calif. – Filipino Americans from all over the San Francisco Bay Area boarded, what they call, the “HillaryBus”.

Dozens of Fil-Ams from all classes and ages got on board.

They rode all night from Daly City to San Gabriel Valley in southern California to see Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during her rally.

The former Secretary of State is seeking support from Asian and Pacific Islander voters during her trip to California and these kababayans believe that she is qualified and can address the needs of the Filipino community, if elected.

“It’s important for Hillary’s campaign to recognize, that in California at least, our voice actually counts,” said Daly City Councilman Mike Guingona. And to have a forum to do that, to be able to sit down and forget all the petty internal politics that happens in our community and be able to look at the big pictures.”

Attorney Rodel Rodis, who helped organized the trip, said, “When she was First Lady and her husband was the president that was a time of prosperity in the U.S. When they left office there was a surplus of about $200 billion, that’s unheard of.”

These Fil-Ams say that regardless of who they support in the coming election they should always exercise their right to vote.

“It is important that every election candidate would recognize that the Filipino vote is important for them to get elected and if we don’t do that — what is there for us to be recognized?” said Rad Abarrientos.

Other than the $30 fee for the bus ride, some Pinoys were able to contribute an undisclosed amount to Clinton’s campaign.

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  • Mario
    8 January 2016 at 2:12 am - Reply

    “War on women”,Hillary’s strategy to win, Hillary will inject into the mind of the women voters that women are victims of men abuses,53% American voters are women.From Washington Post & NY Times survey, Latino’s will vote for Trump, Latino’s are Matcho culture,they hate to be under or work with old women liar, and they need a matcho leader.Latino voters came here legally, hates illegal alien that took their jobs. Black community will vote for Trump, blacks are victims of lies especially from the government,knew that Hillary is a liar.Head of SEIU said they are terrified on Trump, 64% of their Union members will vote for Trump. Carpenters, laborers, etc.do part time job on weekends, but illegal alien grab their jobs, deportation is their only hope.One-third of the American voters were not yet born or just a kid when Bill Clintons start harassing women.Trumps said millenials voters should know the truth.Trump biggest ammunition are several books published on Clinton’s women, 28 women are victims of abused,harassed, 2 said they were raped, including an attempt to harass a former First Lady. Enjoy your ride now..

  • Enigma
    8 January 2016 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    This traitor should not even be considered by the Democratic party as their nominee, much less by Americans to be their president!

    Hildabeast is a Faux feminist,I AM aware of how she talks down to our military members, and how she STOLE furniture from the White House when she left first time.

    She is an evil pandering B I T C H , I cringe every time I see her picture.
    The only woman she cares about is herself.

    Obviously, most Americans know by now that this ugly power seeking woman is a fake phony fraud as she tries for more than 30 years to take more power over the American people, do nothing for the American people and become the richest American politician by selling the national security of the American people to the worst enemies of America . Including selling American Uranium to the Iranian-Russian axis of evil while approving the enriching of American Uranium for the Iranian nuke no less than 20,000 centrifuges that were running amok to create nuke material against Israel since Hillary meeting with the Iranian regime in Oman in July 2012 behind the back of the American people.

    Shame on the American people of illiterate losers for going blind after this corrupt woman who betrayed the trust of the American people and let our heroes in Benghazi calling for help that she denied and letting them down to die by the al Qaida Jihadist thugs while disappearing and using cover up of a stupid video to lie to the parent of the fallen American heroes.

    Shame on the American delusional thugs that go blind after the worst wicked woman who sold Israel to its worst enemies and supported the Muslem Brother Arab Spring in Egypt and the arming of the Jihadist thugs of ISIS, Hamas, al Qaida and others with the best American weapons in return for ‘donations’ of hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton’s coffers .

    It is time to stop the wicked power thirsty woman Hillary who destroyed American national security and brought ISIS to major military power against Israel during four years in the White House with the Jihadist martyr and Iranian agent traitor Obama.

    • Arbi
      9 January 2016 at 8:59 am - Reply


    10 January 2016 at 9:46 am - Reply

    I don’t care what Clinton say about, she always support the Fil-Ams. ComOn she wants the votes only from the Fil-Ams. Wake up Fil-Ams look at Obama same thinking, and did he help the Filipinos in America? I don’t think so he helped the Filipinos. So really do you believe Clinton?

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    11 January 2016 at 10:45 am - Reply

    I really don’t understand what kind of dirt FilAms want from Clinton? You have got to be really low to even want something from them…