SF Philippine consulate on daycare human trafficking scandal, overseas worker abuse

SAN FRANCISCO — We recently reported on the plight of some Filipino workers of the Filipino-owned Rainbow Bright Daycare Center, who were allegedly abused by their employer, the Gamos family.

The Gamos family now faces 50 criminal charges.

Advocates for the Filipino workers, Migrante, claim the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco has failed to provide them much-needed help a claim Consul General Henry Bensurto wants to refute.

He joins us now in the BA studio to talk about the alleged abuse, how Migrante’s aim is “politically motivated,” and how the Philippine Consulate office is handling this reported human trafficking case.

Are there long-term solutions implemented by the Philippine government to make sure overseas Filipino workers are truly protected?

An official letter from the Consulate and a (Tagalog) list of demands from the Filipino community activists can be found online here.

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  • Racquel
    2 May 2019 at 3:44 pm - Reply

    HELP? As far as i know we never received any help from the Philippine Consulate. We the rainbow bright workers and migrante group joined our force to tell you how we feels. We are the workers who abused by the GAMOS family. We will never have this RALLY if u really help us since this issue started.. We want JUSTICE!