SF Muslim leader calls Trump’s proposed Muslim ban an ‘ignorant’ position

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – A leader in San Francisco’s Muslim community offered his take on GOP front runner Donald Trump’s controversial proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

“We’re making a strong effort not to react, because the position that he is taking is an ignorant position. As it is being condemned by all quarters of American society, we too share that sentiment,” said the resident Imam of the San Francisco Muslim Community Center, Abu Qadir Al-Amin.

The San Francisco Muslim Community Center is located in the city’s Excelsior district — home to the highest concentration of Filipinos in San Francisco. The center also caters to Filipino Muslims.

Al-Amin said the best way to address the Trump controversy is not to engage with Trump at all.  He pointed out, “He’s been engaged about controversial statements he’s made. But he’s refused to apologize. So it’s best not to react to an individual like that.”

Who they’re engaged with, Al-Amin said, are with other religions and sectors in the community, to help them understand the Muslim faith.

He concluded, “We continue to promote good wherever we go.”

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