SF museum showcases Philippine art: “Collecting Art, Collecting Memories”

SAN FRANCISCO — Noberto Roldan’s installation of Virgin Marys and glass herbs in a wooden case is one of the main works of art found in the new Philippine exhibition at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Two rooms of the museum are dedicated to this exhibit entitled, “Philippine Art: Collecting Art, Collecting Memories.”

This is the first showcase of Philippine art for the museum.

“It really is a broad range of material. There are objects which represent pre-colonial traditions like weaving and carving. There are colonial materials including statues and paintings,” said Natasha Reichle. “And then there are a little taste of modern and contemporary with some very important Filipino artists from the past 50 years.”

The museum acknowledges the lack of Filipino art in the past.

And to be sure that the Philippine exhibit accurately reflected Filipino culture, and a group of community leaders, academics, and artists were tapped as consultants.

Most of the work comes with a placard featuring commentary from a member within the Filipino community.

“The labels that we write not only talk about the context of the works of art but they also are written by members of the community talking about how those works of art have meaning to them personally.”

On October 1st — the Asian Art museum will also be celebrating Filipino American history month.

This annual event features free admission to the museum for people to watch live Filipino performances as well as participate in family-friendly activities.

“We do a variety of programs that day. This year we are focusing really on youth performances and how the youth is continuing their traditions and keeping them alive through dance,” said Silvia Hari Chang.

The Philippine exhibit will run until March 18th, 2018.

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