SF housing community mobilizes against gentrification and displacement

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the fourth annual people’s summit in the Excelsior district of San Francisco, themed “My Existence is My Resistance.”

Community members — who represent a diverse coalition — say that they cannot sit back and watch as more and more long-time San Francisco residents leave the neighborhood and the city.

“So the community is mobilizing together in order to stop normalizing these events that are happening: gentrification, displacement,” said Mary Reyes, Bernal Heights NBHD Center. “This is something that people living homes with 15 family members and that shouldn’t be normal, but that is the case in San Francisco.”

Many Filipino residents say they already fear the worst.

“The rent here is very high for me. I’m low income, and I’m the only one working for my family that’s why I’m scared. Maybe someday I’ll be homeless,” said resident Lily Gonzalez.

Through this summit — residents have recognized other effects of the lack of affordable housing.

“We’re trying to find ways to connect the teach issue of housing crisis with the issues our youth are facing in our neighborhood, and knowing that the same problem instead of talking about them separately,” said resident Sunshine Roque.

Meanwhile, a development group backed by district 11 supervisor Asha Safai — looks to bring 175 affordable units and 251 market-rate housing units above a renovated Safeway and a mission neighborhood health center.


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