SF hospitality workers protest for fair wages and against injustice

SAN FRANCISCO — This demonstration is the launch of a campaign to raise the profile of San Francisco’s hotel and food service workers.

Workers marched throughout downtown in the middle of rush hour traffic, stopping at prominent hospitality industry locations.

Over 12,000 hospitality workers across the Bay Area are preparing to negotiate with their employers.

“We are fighting for our rights, our medical benefits, and our contacts because our contacts are almost up,” said Rogelio Comandao, a 21-yr-old hospitality worker. “They can’t do whatever they want to our contracts.”

“We have to fight for that one or local 2 is here!” said worker Dana Deguzman.

These workers say other than health care, they are fighting for livable wages and retirement funds.

These Pinoy hospitality workers say that are in solidarity with other communities in standing up against the divisive attacks, by the Trump administration against immigrants and minorities.

“Diversity is important because people from every country when we get together there is strength,” said William Rodriguez. “There is unity.”

This demonstration was part of a national day of action for hospitality workers across the US.


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