SF Giants fever burns hot with Pinoy fans at annual festival

SAN FRANCISCO – A little over three months after the San Francisco Giants won their third World Series title in the last five years, the players and their fans are back at the ballpark again with the annual Fanfest.

Filipinos were among the thousands of fans who enjoyed free entry into the park where they got a chance to meet their favorite Giants players and to cheer them on as they begin a new season.

“The Giants are real fun because they have Filipino Heritage Night,” said Derric Gargaritano. “Actually here AT&T Park they have all kinds of heritage nights because the City is so diverse.”

“There’s so much love and so much [good] vibes that you feel from everybody,” said Dustin Callejo. “You get high-fives but it’s also the diversity – a big part comes from that and I got to say that’s why we’re the best.”

A key pitcher on the Giants’ roster includes two-time Cy Young winner and Filipino American Tim Lincecum who threw his second no-hitter during last year’s championship season.

Lincecum was not able to attend Fanfest but it did not hurt his popularity especially with his fellow kababayans.

“We’re just glad that Lincecum was able to get those two no-hitters and we’re a big fan of American Filipinos playing for the Giants,” said Owdie Meehleib.

“It just gave us another big reason to be more proud that not only the San Francisco Giants are doing so well these past couple of years but we also have a Filipino representative to be on our team,” said Geraldine Veras.

The Giants also plan to celebrate Lincecum’s second no-hitter on this season’s first Filipino Heritage Night with a commemorative bobblehead.

“We’re definitely set for a dynasty and we’re definitely set for the next five, ten years as long as we keep our power players in still,” said Justin Fuentes.

“Even years” is the term Giants fans are using to describe their recent winning tradition of capturing world titles in 2010, 2012, and 2014. However, they wouldn’t mind breaking that tradition to add another trophy on that table next year.

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