SF Filipinos take oath of dual citizenship

SAN FRANCISCO — Consul General Henry Bensurto of the Philippine consulate administers the oath of Philippine citizenship to a room full of Filipino-American men and women, of all ages.

Con-Gen Bensurto says that he was happy to preside over such an important event.

“We’re doing it this way to make sure we are able to give the appropriate dignity, and honor to the aspect of taking your oath as a Philippine citizen.”

This oath-taking ceremony was the first of its kind — due to a new appointment system, where applicants are required to schedule a time to come to the consulate for this process.

“We’re doing that to make sure that we don’t unnecessarily waste time of people who come here and wait for the entire day waiting for their turn. We want to make sure when they come at a very specific timeline that they are attended to and that specific appointed time.”

Many of the people here had their own reasons for becoming Philippine citizens.

The consulate will still allow people to have walk-in appointments for dual citizenship — however, it will be based on an emergency situation.

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