SF Filipino film fest honors veteran Pinoy director

SAN FRANCISCO – The Filipino Arts & Cinema, International (FACINE), celebrated their 22nd annual film festival in San Francisco Wednesday night to promote the Philippines through the art of cinema.

From Oct. 21 to 24, FACINE will present 20 films that include horror, romance, drama, dance, transgender issues, and a focus on Filipino migrant workers.

FACINE kicked off the event by honoring veteran director Elwood Perez with the Gawad Gintong Ani Gold Harvest Award for his innovative films that tackled social issues in the Philippines and inspired engagement among the masses.

“I’m just still overwhelmed and still moved that Dr. Mauro Tumbocon chose me at this moment in time for this very important award,” said Perez.

Though kababayans remain the target audience for this film festival, FACINE hopes that through these projects they can provide a closer understanding of Filipino cultural identity.

“It seems that film has taken over the written word as the most vital and accessible medium of information dissemination,” said Perez. “Film has such a global reach that it can really bring us all together and unify the world.”

“In a multicultural America this is very important for us,” FACINE Director and Founder Dr. Mauro Tumbocon said. “By presenting our stories, by showing our images the rest of America can try to understand us and respect us as a people.”

With community partnerships FACINE plans to engage the Filipino community on current social issues in San Francisco through film and food-centered events and programs.

Though the film festival will conclude in San Francisco on the 24th, FACINE also has plans to hold future festivals in Los Angeles, Seattle, and London.

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