SF Fil-Ams pay tribute to Sen. Ninoy Aquino at Consulate event

SAN FRANCISCO – It has been 32 years since the death of Senator Ninoy Aquino — a death that ignited a people power revolution that ousted then President Ferdinand Marcos.

Kababayans in San Francisco marked this day of remembrance with a mass and get-together at the Philippine Consulate.

Members of the Aquino family, Philippine government officials, and various members of the community were in attendance.

“The significance of Ninoy is that we have to remember what happened 32 years ago so that the mistakes will not be made or we could do something faster and quicker if something happens again like losing our freedom and democracy,” said Lupita Kashiwahara, Ninoy’s sister.

“When it happened I always look back and realize that Ninoy was the spark. Without Ninoy, none of that would have happened. But others picked up the torch after Ninoy’s death and really awakened the Filipino people,” said Ninoy’s brother-in-law Ken Kashiwahara. “Ninoy is the one who restored freedom and democracy in the Philippines. He’s the one.”

Consul General Henry Bensurto Jr., a top adviser in the West Philippine Sea dispute with China, says he draws inspiration from the late senator who he says always did what was right and good for the Philippines.

“Our policy on the West Philippine Sea is not to create an enemy of China,” said Bensurto. “It is about standing up for our rights. This is part of the legacy of Ninoy. Sometimes it can be a lonely sad cause but sometimes standing up for what’s right means going against the grain.”

Lupita also says that her brother’s patriotism should resonate to all kababayans.

“Let us all remember we are Filipino, first and foremost, and that we should love our country above all else,” she said.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    5 December 2015 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    It’s all good some are paying tribute to Ninoy Aquino…but it’s sad to see and hear Pee-noy that the really damaging dropping bullet controversy is just a sensationalized issue despite its obviously corrupted and lack of due process handling…

  • Sir Dennis Ypon
    19 February 2016 at 12:33 pm - Reply

    Ninoy was the founder of CPP-NPA and his house in Tarlac, Hacienda Luisita is the headquarters…he was procommunist…his own political party blamed the innocent for his death. He was really good in blaming other people for his crimes because of his friends in the media…