SF Fil-Ams for Clinton ready for showdown with Trump

SAN FRANCISCO – Filipino-Americans were among the hundreds that packed the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco to listen to democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton speak.

Anastazja Ragasa said, “I feel that she has the most political experience and that she knows how to stand her ground as a woman and as a politician.”

Divina Vedina adds, “Being a part of a community that really encourages differences, diversity, people to not be afraid, I think that’s what’s got me attracted to her.”

The former Secretary of State took time to address how her opponent Donald Trump received enough delegates to become the presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

Clinton said, “There is absolutely no way that we can let Donald Trump get anywhere near the White House.”

Clinton told the crowd that despite the negative words against her from Trump and his supporters she will not use the same tactics in return.

“When you think about the future, you don’t see Donald Trump’s face up there,” said Clinton. “We’re going to wage a positive campaign. I’m not going to respond to everything he says about me. I could care less.”

Fil-Am Clinton supporters say they are unfazed by the recent national polls that put Clinton and Trump in a statistical tie for the presidency.

El Cerrito Councilman Gabriel Quinto said, “The race has just started. We have the election here June 7th and I know when all that picks up and by November you’ll see things change around.”

Ragasa adds, “I believe this is an opportunity for all the intelligent people out there to come to their senses and vote for what feels right.”

San Francisco was the second stop for Clinton in the Bay Area yesterday.

She held a rally earlier in San Jose and met with political and community leaders in Oakland on Friday.

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