SF “Dubz” art exhibit showcases art celebrating Golden State Warriors, including Baybayin

SAN FRANCISCO – An art show like no other, “Dubz Against the World” was a three-day art exhibit recently featured in San Francisco.

The 20,000 square foot venue was filled with creative takes on the Bay Area’s own Golden State Warriors. as well as other current and past NBA superstars.

Vince Chang of Conscious Basketball, along with Vincent Chiu and Theresa Huynh of Kitzy Studios, said they created this event because they understood how rich the basketball culture is in the area, and the Warriors are known for their die-hard basketball fan base.

“We’ve been doing shows in Asia, like Taiwan, for the past three years and this is our first show coming back to America,” said Chang. “And San Francisco, with the Warriors, the Dubs, is perfect timing… a no brainer.”

“Being in San Francisco, having some of the best art in the nation, and some of the best fans and best teams,” said Chiu. “We thought it only made sense to bring together an interactive show to really highlight and embrace the culture around here of being a Golden State Warrior fan.”

Even Warriors big man Javale Mcgee stopped by to check out the artwork.

According to the exhibit curators, “Dubz against the world” was a six-month process of finding 50 different artists and 300 pieces.

“Vince and us worked as a team where we curated, we picked out artists, we went to conventions and looked for artists who fit the theme,” said Huynh.

One of the artists was Filipino artist Kristian Kabuay, who used the ancient Filipino script, Baybayin, to write out “Warriors” in his piece.

“In the Bay Area there’s a lot of Filipinos here, but we don’t have these cultural items that are so recognizable — unless you put a sun and stars and things like that,” he says. “But when it comes to writing, that is more of some meta, deep level stuff, right? So it’s good to see filipinos and even non-Filipinos recognize it too.”

Check out Kabuay’s work at baybayin.com.

There are no current plans for another “Dubz” installment. However, with such a positive reception and turn out at the event, the curators said they have not totally ruled out the idea.

With the NBA playoffs just around the corner, Warrior basketball fans are hoping to see more art in the future, featuring the 2017 title.

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