SF democratic party “fires” Donald Trump at university rally

SAN FRANCISCO – Chants echoed throughout the Malcolm X Plaza at San Francisco State University during a “Dump Trump” rally hosted by the San Francisco Democratic Party,

The demonstration was to unite behind either Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, and to protest what they called the Intolerance of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Organizers of the event said it was important to hold it at the SF State campus because it was the best way to engage in millennial voters.

“Young people were the secret weapon in the 2008 and 2012 election of President Obama,” member of the California Board of Equalization Fiona Ma said. “We saw them. They came out in numbers. We need them to come out again. The millennials outnumber the baby boomers.”

Fil-Am SF State students say that Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous because it has ignited division and ignorance throughout the country.

“That’s really telling about the condition the American education system has, the condition that hundreds of years of history that’s built upon racism, that’s built upon these racist institutions that this is just a sign of all that,” anti-Trump student Jordan Illagan said.

“I think that when you want to shut out a whole group of people, you lose more of what America is about,” anti-Trump Ryan Yapdiangco said.

However, students from the campus’ Republican club say the rally actually helped their candidate.

“All because they made this big deal about Trump, we’ve been able to support Trump more, get more members for our club and potentially more voters for Trump,” Trump supporter John Byerly said.

These students say that while it is hard to be a conservative in such a liberal university – they support Trump and his plans.

“We believe in small government and we want to lower taxes. That’s the main thing we believe in and Trump’s going to help us do that,” Trump supporter Brian May said. “Securing the borders is going to help our country become more economically flourishing. We need to stop illegal immigration and get legal immigrants in here because that’s what our country needs.”

SF State students say that their Donald Trump protest does not end here today. In fact, some of them are looking to participate at a demonstration this weekend at the California Republican Convention where Trump is scheduled to speak Friday.

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    27 April 2016 at 9:15 am - Reply

    Look at this dumb Filipinos, that was born in the Philippines and think they can tell us Americans what to do, you make me and all the Americans in America that is born here laugh and laugh at you all. The sign should say “DUMP CLINTON.” Clinton will lose and Donald Trump will win. Over half of Americans will vote for Donald Trump, so Filipinos get with the real world, your not in the Philippines “DUMMY.”

  • Mario
    27 April 2016 at 1:42 pm - Reply

    Trump mindset is to win at all cost, will not act Presidential, so that he has reason to attacked below the belt and totally destroy the Clinton’s legacy. Hillary’s only winning card “War on Women”, Trump will counter it by exposing all the women that Bill harassed and raped, will be branded as “Serial Rapist”. The exposure on the illegitimate BLACK SON of Bill, that Hillary said to the black mother she will be arrested if ever she will comes out in the open. Trump will win majority on the black votes. Watch youtube; Bill Clinton illegitimate Son.The Clinton Foundation which collected Millions of donations and the disbursement was never been disclosed, once it will be investigated Chealsea Clinton might be involved being the signatory of the Foundation.From the Trump team,says because of several anomalies and corruptions,it is easier to beat Hillary rather than Sanders.After NY primary, 21.5 Million voted GOP, and 18.3 M voted Democrat, Dems is in trouble.