SF Bay Area Pinoys weigh in on lie detector test for Napoles

By Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

May 21, 2014

DALY CITY, Calif. – Alleged Pork Barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim Napoles is now saying that she will undergo a lie detector test to prove that she is telling the truth when it comes to naming the Philippine lawmakers involved in the multi-billion peso scandal.

Her lawyer, Bruce Rivera says Napoles will be citing three more senators and an undetermined number of congressmen in an updated list expected to be handed over to the Department of Justice this week.

Some kababayans in the San Francisco Bay Area believe that Napoles should proceed with the lie detector test.

“A lie detector test will tell you if she’s lying or not,” Rebeck Livelo of San Mateo, Calif. said.

“She has to so they find out if she’s really telling the truth,” Daly City resident Nita Panis said.

Attorney Ted Laguatan, legal counsel for the US Pinoys for Good Governance also agrees with this move.

“The very fact that she volunteered and nobody forced her to do that I think it’s a good sign,” Laguatan said.

Laguatan also believes that the Philippine government should make Napoles a state witness but with certain conditions.

“Number one: she should absolutely reveal the truth and nothing but the truth. If she strays away from that the deals off. Second, she should not be unjustly enriched. She should be forced to return the assets and funds that she acquired through this scam. That should also be a condition. The third condition should also be that she does not go scot-free. She should be made to plead guilty to lesser charges,” Laguatan said.

When Laguatan reviewed a copy of the new list that Napoles signed and supplied the Philippine senate, Laguatan says he was only surprised to see three names there: Loren Legarda, Coco Pimentel, and Alan Peter Cayetano.

“Senator Legarda and Senator Pimentel, and Peter Alan Cayetano have these public images of being honest hardworking senators. So when you see names on a list like this you kind of feel disappointed if there’s truth to it,” Laguatan said.

Laguatan says this scandal that has shamed Philippine politics will only do the country good if those who are guilty will truly be held accountable only then, he says, can corruption be curbed.

“The country right now I think is sitting on top of a volcano which can explode and hopefully it does not happen. We need a better Philippines. We need a better life for most of our people which they don’t have,” Laguatan said.

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  • Mario
    21 May 2014 at 9:55 pm - Reply

    Napoles as a Gov’t witness, should accept all the conditions given by the Gov’t in order to live longer…Giving names would destroy the political future on all the politicians involved on the pork scam. Politicians involved will gamble their money and power to stop Napoles from talking……She has to tell the truth now…..After telling the truth… there willl be a wide opening to a new generations of honest politicians.. Pinoys who live in the US, this is you chance to enter PH politics…….